May - 2015

United Kingdom

“I find living with people of a different rural country and faith infinitely fascinating, and although I am a teacher here, I am constantly learning new things about people. The school itself is brilliant; the children are funny, intelligent and ultimately eager to learn as much as they can from you. This eagerness extends beyond learning English at an academic level; they want to know about your hobbies, interests, your family and your education. Every day is different, and this keeps things fresh and interesting. I also enjoy being in the classroom to teach rather than learn. In addition to the students, the teachers are wonderful, being really helpful and supportive both inside the classroom and out. I’ve found myself being invited to sit in and attend some of the classes, although Gujarati isn’t my strong point yet! I would strongly recommend volunteering at the school, as everyone here is so friendly. The hospitality I’ve been shown here is remarkable.

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I would suggest coming with another volunteer, either someone you know or to meet someone at the school. I have met three other UK volunteers so far, all of whom have been great to both work with and to socialise with after classes. I am so enthusiastic about volunteerism in general because it is such a brilliant way to see the world and learn valuable life lessons, and I would definitely say that Gokul Nar has done nothing but fuel that enthusiasm.”