Jay Swaminarayan! At the end of my journey here in INDIA, looking back to my experience here as a volunteer in Gokuldham Nar, I can truly say that this was one of the best experiences of my life.
During my 4 weeks stay, I mainly volunteered as a medical doctor, by joining the Hospital at your door service. It was an incredible experience that gave me the possibility to learn from the local medical team and to get in contact with people living in the rural part of Gujarat. The doctors and the nurses were amazing, they gave me the opportunity to actively participate in their daily work. I also had the possibility to spend time with the students here, who are real lovely. They have shown me aspects of the Indian culture that I will treasure forever.
I’m very grateful for my time here and I can’t wait to be book again! Thank you for everything, Jay Swaminarayan ….
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