Welcome To Gokuldham Campus

Story Of Ten Year

Lord Swaminarayan is the inspiration. This dictates in Shikshapatri for "સદ્વિદ્યા પ્રવર્તન" અને "સર્વજીવ હિતાવહ" are implimented as part of our Bhakti.

There is a glimpse of it. Kindly consider / co-operate / support and bless....
Gokuldham is a aesthetic, academic, religious campus for all. Sadhu Sukdevprasaddasji, a dynasmic and fat-sibhted sant of Vadtal Swaminarayan Sampraday, founded Shree Nityanand Swami Education Trust in 2003 and strted Gokuldham-Nar. He is ably surpoted by Sadhu Harikeshvadasji,. The team of Sadhu Sukdevprasaddasji and Sadhu Harikeshavdasji is young, hardworking, co-operative, religious, social and very active. Many milestones.

Social Services

  • Hospital at Your Door
  • Eye Camp and Medical Camp
  • Mass Marriage Ceremony
  • Tricycle Distribution
  • Blanket-Jacket Distribution
  • Tiffin Service