Sewing Machine Distribution

Sewing Machine Distribution


This project will empower disadvantaged women and girls through imparting s, Self-help, which will help to generate an income for their families and give a better chance of survival.


Many Widowed and divorced women by the civil war in do not have to equipped facilities for training trade skills. Due to unemployment most women take unethical way for livelihood as prostitution, thievery, smuggling, addiction etc. Social evils such as Child marriage, Dowry system, Female feticide, purdah system etc. are also main problems in the project region. The Widowed and divorced women stricken by Poverty, unemployment and economic problems are miles away from Basic need.


Gokuldham Distributed sewing machine to every year. This Service will Help the Widowed and divorced women in providing Employment (or to be Self Employed) by (Sewing, Handicraft, Bag making training etc.) so that the problem of unemployment will end, and Poor women of the deprived community will get Sustainable Livelihoods, the women will Become self-conscious which will be Helpful to eradicate the social evils from the society.
In the last three years, we provided Sewing Machine distribution to 61+ widow, divorced and separated women.

Long-Term Impact

Entrepreneurship is growing in popularity as a means for making a living. There are millions of passionate individuals who have the potential to start a business that will bring them success; however, many of them do not have the means or money to purchase the essential tools to start up. Gokuldham Nar is distributing sewing machines to potential individuals so that they can jump start their career in the clothing industry.

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