Tri-Cycle Distribution


We are distribution of Tri-Cycle for persons with disabled people. it’s help them to living independent life.

Persons with disabilities are the most excluded and marginalized community. With 40-80 million disabled people, India has one of the highest numbers of globally (World Bank report); 69% of them live in rural areas (India Census 2011). We are support to provide relevant medical aid and healthcare, and improve access to greater educational and employment opportunities. We, thereby hope to enhance and empower the quality of life for.


Persons with disabilities live a very challenging life. Due to lack of awareness, our target have not assistive devices and other rehabilitation services. Treatable impairments are ignored due to inability to access medical facilities. people with sensory, moving, intellectual disability have no access to specialized care. Youth/ adults are unemployed due to lack of education and skill training.

we are Distribution of Tri-Cycle for Persons with disabled people. it’s help them to Living independent life. 
117 Tri-Cycle Distributed Gokuldham.  please help on us
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