Eye and Medical Camps

Nothing is impossible for God, with his grace even the blind can see.
Sight is something that can often be taken for granted. Lack of sight from birth or loss of sight in subsequent years due to age or illness can be crippling, especially if the affected person happens to be the main source of income or care for the family. In India, many people suffer from eye diseases unduly because they don’t receive proper treatment as and when needed, due to lack of finance and facilities.
With the mercy and blessings of Lord Swaminarayan, Gokuldham Nar has had the privilege to organise separate Eye and Medical Camps in different locations during the past ten years, giving disadvantaged people in hard-to-reach locations an opportunity to receive essential eye and medical treatment from professionals totally free of cost. So far, our camps have provided or conducted the following:
  • Medicines: 3,576
  • Surgical Operations: 2,491
  • Spectacles Distribution: 6,284
  • Medical Check-ups: 2,247
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