Tree Plantation

Nature is God’s most beautiful creation
Trees are not only beautiful to look at but they are essential for our existence. They provide our oxygen, cool the temperature, prevent soil erosion and flooding, shelter birds / wildlife, and provide fruits, nuts and seeds for nutrition. In addition to physical benefits, trees help create an environment that promotes wellbeing and peace. And let us not forget the shade from the Sun on a scorching hot day!
For us at Gokuldham Nar, sustainable environment is part of our ethos. We have nurtured over 3,200 delightful trees from 125 varieties across our 185,000 sq. feet Campus. And recently, we also launched a project to protect and preserve endangered tree species with a special drive to plant Vad (Indian banyan) trees in our localities.
Each of us has personal responsibility to respect and preserve nature, ensuring that we leave a diverse and healthy natural habitat for future generations.