Walking Sticks / Stability Walkers

Supporting mobility needs for the elderly and the infirm
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Healthcare is always a major concern for the elderly, especially those in declining physical and mental health. Whilst the effects of ageing are natural, physical conditions are worsened by lack of appropriate nutrition, health awareness and care facilities, particularly amongst the economically disadvantaged sections of our society.
Mobility remains at the top of all priorities for the elderly, as it provides them increased independence and confidence to go about their daily lives. For this, walking sticks and stability walkers offer a simple but effective solution, as they provide increased balance and stability, absorb pressure and shocks to the joints, and greater assurance over uneven surfaces. However, even these solutions are often beyond the reach of many in need due to cost, availability or awareness.
Gokuldham Nar understands these challenges and has empowered the aged and the infirm with their Age Well initiative. The goal is simple: to provide those in need with quality equipment and apparatus to increase their quality of life.
Since the year 2007, Gokuldham Nar has distributed the following high-quality equipment to those in need:
  • 2,500 Walking sticks
  • 200 Stability Walkers
  • Other mobility support equipment such as wheel chairs, eye spectacles and bed pans