We have for the first time completed a camp to provide high-tech prosthetics arm and legs to 103 people.

As part of tradition to serve the needy and under-privileged, we have launched a campaign to distribute sanitary pads.

In the covid-19 time Gokuldham Nar provided Food grocery kit, Snacks, Mask Distribution, PPE kit Distribution

A simple walking stick is a boon for the older person. It can guide them, make them aware of steps, or any obstacle in the way.

At the Gokuldham water treatment facility, the TDS is 160 milligrams per litre which provides a balance between palatability and safety.

This project will empower disadvantaged women and girls through imparting s, Self-help, which will help to generate an income for

14 neighboring villages are provided essential and primary medical services. During year 2021 66,831 patients benefited from this services.

we are Distribution of wheelchair for Persons with disabled people. it’s help them to Living independent life.

Gokuldham distributes footwear every year. We have so far provided Footwear Distribution to 28,400 needy people.

Tiffin service is provided free of cost to the hospitalized patients of Tarapur by Gokuldham.